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       Ryan and Yuliya   

Ryan and Yuliya .....

      Well ... they have promised to send me photos, but they forgot to do it. Never mind, I succeeded to find out, over more, I know almost everything about them, although they still do not suspect it.

But GOOGLE  knows everything :))

       We will tour 5-6 days beginning since July, 06 in Rodopy Mountains. Now we have 2 raining weeks, but since June, 05 I have ordered only sunny days.

        Let we see, what it will happen!


Well ... they have promised to me to send me an article about our tour ... still nothing ... soon I will publish my version :)))))))))


       So ... needless to say, we had very nice tour, the only disadvantage was that it lasted only 6 days, so we succeeded to tour no more than 400 km most of all in the region of Rodopy Mountains.  I think we must repeat the tour next summer, and if we have at least 10 days, we will be able to visit remote parts of Vitosh, Rila and Rodopy Mountains bicycling off-road as much as possible.

        Here is Yuliya's Picasa and many photos of the tour:

        I will put here only several photos ... I almost have spent the Host space Tripod has given to me.


       Researching the map and picture our tour. In the beginning it will be easy – we will take on the narrow-gage train and enter in Rodopy mountains.


       Often along the road there are labels about local sightseeing.

         Hm ... so far I have never bicycled with so yang team ... desperately old one ...

          Yuliya’s parents support us by a car and from time to time she use this opportunity (to climb steep hills) ... me too (to have a little food and drink from time to time)


What will we do summer  '11 ... we have enough time to decide it, but I have a presentiment we will tour again :)